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Great Food for All

This restaurant is perfect for every type of eater. And all the selections are excellent and tasty. If you are in the area, it is a definite must go. The service and style is very casual, but the food rates up there with some of the best in Santa Barbara without the pomp and bother.

A must for lunch or dinner. Once you try it, you´ll keep going back. I´m hooked!!! Cool for take-out too.
Carp´s Best Kept Secret

I seldom order from the menu, for we know the chef and he takes care of us. But not once, have I tried something that I did not like. Everything from the artwork to their great wine selection makes this the perfect place in Carpinteria.
Fabulous food, nice casual atmosphere.

This is a great place when you want great food but don´t want to deal with a fussy, uptight, dressy, state-street restaurant. The dinners are fabulous, great menu which good specials. And the lunches are great too. The meatloaf sandwhich is amazing. Great casual atmosphere.